Unexpected Super Bowl Party!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Party Day!   

Whew! It's been a day! Chris decided to call his mom around 11 this morning and invite her to our Super Bowl party. The one I knew nothing about! But that's ok, I'm glad they're here! So I started a snack mission, which started with sending Chris to the insanity that is Wal-Mart. It's been a loooong day so no recipes today kiddies. If you want the recipe for anything, leave me a comment or hit me up on Facebook. I know most of you that read this are FB friends. :)

First! Homemade salsa!! Mmmmmmm. Canned tomatoes, rotel, cilantro, garlic, and a tad bit of cumin.

Next, queso! Sausage, onion, velveeta, green chiles, and a can of rotel. The recipe called for a jalapeno but we've got lots of kids here so I skipped that.

And finally!! Sweet vanilla cupcakes and vanilla bean buttercream frosting. And we are TIRED of winter so I decorated them in honor of our wishes for Spring.

Pretty pink flowers on a bed of spring grass

These are for me because I like a little frosting but not a ton.
 Lots of green frosting for my frosting loving monsters!

Had to use the rest of the yellow and the pink and these two remind me of Dr. Suess movies for some reason!

And here they are all together! Well, I made 2 dozen so there are others but I had to try out my fancy new cupcake stand!!

I also made chicken tacos for dinner but that will be a full picture/recipe post for another day! Go Steelers! Go Green Bay! (Can you tell I don't really care? lol)