Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ok so this isn't dinner but they sure are good! Recipe is here. I heart Pioneer Woman. :D

I decided that I would rather have new kitchen toys than wraps or carriers. (No I didn't sell them all, I value my sanity.) So I bought 3 new toys. One is not a top of the line anything but it works because my mommy has one and we played with hers at Christmas. (It's a food processor.) The second is a Lodge enameled cast iron dutch oven. It'll be here tomorrow. The third is...well, heck I'll just show you.

Hello, lover.

I'm seriously thrilled. I've wanted one of these for probably 6 or 7 years. And I got it for $100 off on Amazon because I convinced myself that black is just fine and I don't need a yellow Kitchen Aid mixer to make cookies.

Oh yes! Cookies. Sorry, I got sidetracked.

So cookies. These were very simple with my new best friend. Here is everything all ready to go. Just waiting for the UPS man to bring our friend. (He needs a name.)

First, 2 sticks of softened butter. Mmmm butter.

Cream the butter.

Add the 2 sugars and cream them with the butter. I used dark brown sugar instead of golden because I get a zero for listening and following directions. (And I'm a rebel. HA.)

Next, slightly beat in 2 eggs. (I don't know what she meant by slightly but I just mixed until they weren't obviously egg yolks and whites.) Next, vanilla. I forgot about the vanilla until I was reading the directions. Yay for directions! (The vanilla isn't in this picture but trust me, it's in the cookies.)

Then, mix in the malted milk powder. Oh my yum. It really is good.

Then the flour, salt, and baking soda.

And finally, milk chocolate chips. I usually use semi sweet but after making these, I won't anymore.

And we have batter! I used a cookie scoop to make them all pretty and round and uniform (in theory).

See how pretty they are when you use a cookie scoop? (I bet maybe 5 out of 2 dozen actually looked this good.)

And out! LOOK! Mine look like hers! (Almost.) Watch them close because they do NOT need 10 minutes. More like 7. They brown fast.

Now, the recipe made a LOT of batter. But, since I have the attention span of a Jack Russell with ADD, I only made 2 dozen. The rest of it is right here, ready to go in the freezer.

And just for fun, a stack of yum.

I learned several things while making these.

1. I need bigger cookie sheets.
2. I need tougher silicon spatulas.
3. I really should not have waited all these years to get the mixer. So incredibly worth selling wraps (and my sewing machine, shhh).

Burritos later! See ya!