Let's get this started!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My friends and I have been having many "What's for dinner?" discussions on Facebook lately and it was suggested that I should start a blog about what I make for dinner every night and how I do it. SO here we go! Am I going to blog every day? No. Do I promise that if you do what I did, it'll be edible? Heck no. But I am going to blog at least a couple of times a week and while I make no promises on quality, I do promise we can get fat together because I don't do healthy, ya'll. ;)

Also, I have 6 taste testers! The oldest is PICKY PICKY PICKY so if it gets his endorsement, it's something special. The 7 yr old pretends she likes everything but I think secretly she's just as picky as the older one. The 4 and 3 yr old will eat anything and especially love chicken. (I love chicken too because it's CHEAP.) Mr. 1 yr old lovey baby will eat anything as long as daddy had it first and it's not hot. And the daddy himself will eat what I tell him to and LIKE IT! (Seriously, he has a pretty adventurous palate and I enjoy cooking for him.)

So here we go, ladies. How many pounds can we gain in a month and who's going to start the workout blog when we get fat?


Carrie said...

I'm in...I already run, so I'm up for anything!!

Misty said...

funny Jess!! Cant wait for your blogs!